Worcester Public Schools – Mobile Meal Schedule

2020 Spring/Summer Schedule
Starting Wednesday March 18, 2020 // Monday – Friday

Free breakfast and lunch or supper meals for all children 18 years of age or under.

Locations and Schedule

Location NameAddressStart TimeEnd Time
Belmont @ Bell Pond238 Belmont Street, Worcester, MA 016059:009:30
Chandler Elementary School Yard114 Chandler Street, Worcester, MA 016099:00 9:30
Greendale YMCA75 Shore Drive. Worcester, MA9:009:30
Burncoat Elementary School Yard526 Burncoat Street, Worcester, MA 016069:45 10:15
City View80 Prospect Street, Worcester, MA 016059:4510:15
Main YMCA766 Main Street, Worcester, MA9:4510:15
Grafton Street School Yard311 Grafton Street, Worcester, MA10:3011:00
Tacoma Lot351 Tacoma Street, Worcester, MA 0160610:3010:45
Woodland Academy School Yard93 Woodland Street, Worcester, MA 0161010:3011:00
Lake Park281 Lake Ave. Worcester, MA 0160510:3011:00
Vernon Hill Park87 Providence Street Worcester, MA 0160410:3011:00
East ParkShrewsbury Street Worcester, MA 0160410:4511:15
Greenwood Park14 Forsberg Street Worcester, MA 0160710:4511:15
Greatbrook Valley Library89 Tacoma Street, Worcester, MA 0160611:0011:30
Goddard Library Lot14 Richards Street, Worcester, MA 0160311:1511:45
Roosevelt School Yard1006 Grafton Street, Worcester, MA 0160411:1511:30
Homework45 Freedom Way Worcester, MA 0160511:3012:00
Kids Club180 Constitution Ave Worcester, MA 0160511:3012:00
Plumley16 Laurel Street Worcester, MA 0160811:3011:45
Chino Ave Play Yard135 Chino Avenue, Worcester, MA 0160511:4012:10
Union Hill School Yard1 Chapin Street, Worcester, MA 0160411:4512:15
Autumn Woods16 Upland Street Worcester, MA 0160712:0012:30
Friendly House36 Wall Street Worcester, MA 0160411:4512:15
Logan Field539 Mill Street Worcester, MA 0160512:0012:30
University Park965 Main Street, Worcester, MA 0160312:1512:15
Curtis Apartments32 Greatbrook Valley Ave, Worcester, MA 0160512:15 12:45
Grant Square ParkCorner of Windsor & North Hampton, Worcester, MA 0160512:3012:45
Stratton161 West Mountain Street, Worcester, MA 0160612:301:00
Vernon Hill School Yard144 Providence Street, Worcester, MA 0160712:301:00
Bannis FieldDorchester Street, Worcester, MA 0161012:451:00
Lakeside Apartment30 Lakeside Ave, Worcester, MA 0160312:451:15
Castle Park965 Main Street, Worcester, MA 016031:001:30
South Worcester Neighborhood47 Camp Street, Worcester, MA 016031:001:30
Woodard @ McKeon Road11 McKeon Road, Worcester, MA 016101:151:45
Washington Heights55 Williamsburg Drive, Worcester, MA 016061:302:00
Lincoln Street School Yard549 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA 016061:402:00
Green Island50 Canton Street, Worcester, MA 016101:452:00
Canterbury Street School Yard129 Canterbury Street, Worcester, MA 016032:002:30
Columbus Park School Yard75 Lovell Street, Worcester, MA 016032:152:45
Harlow Street School Yard15 Harlow Street, Worcester, MA 016062:152:45
Crompton Park9 Canton Street, Worcester, MA 0160102:453:30
Elm Park Elementary School Yard23 N. Ashland Street, Worcester, MA 016093:003:30
May Street School Yard265 May Street, Worcester, MA 016023:00 3:20
Times and locations for Healthy Meals to Go Food Trucks / 2020 Spring Schedule.

Last Updated: March 17, 2020 / Check the Worcester Public Schools website for any updates.

Map of Locations

Source: Tracy O’Connell Novick & Worcester Public Schools.
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