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WPS School Based Health Care Center Telehealth Open

Worcester Public Schools announced the availability of medical and behavioral health services who were signed up for one of the School Based Health Centers in a Facebook post this afternoon.

The text of the post reads:

School-Based Health Center (SBHC) Telehealth is up and running!! If your children were signed up before, you can still access services including telehealth and televideo appointments. We are located in these schools:
❀ Woodland and Claremont Academies
πŸ’› Goddard and University Park
πŸ’š Elm Park
πŸ’™ Sullivan
πŸ’œ Doherty
πŸ’› South
❀ Worcester East Middle
We are available for medical and behavioral health appointments. Our phone number is 508-860-7779.


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